The harms of the iPad to children

Excessive use of the iPad leads to many harms to children, the most prominent of which are:

Behavioral problems:

Children who are still young, of primary school age, and who use an iPad for more than two hours a day are more likely to have emotional and social problems.

Educational problems:

School-age children who have an iPad in their room do less well on academic tests than others.

Sleep problems:

Although most parents use the iPad to calm the child before he sleeps, such screens emit light that has a negative effect on the sleep cycle in the child’s brain and thus leads to insomnia.


Spending a lot of time on the iPad may reduce movement, and thus the risk of obesity becomes greater.


Watching videos and programs with violent content on the iPad can make the child insensitive to it, and therefore some children resort to imitating what they watch or use violence to solve their problems.

Eating habits:

Children's nutrition is negatively affected by those who sit for a long time on the iPad.

Exposure to inappropriate content:

The child is exposed to watching some violent or sexual content that is inappropriate for his age, which leads to poor school performance.

Not mixing with others
Children who watch the iPad for a long time, do not mix with the rest of the family, and they do not have creative time to play with others.

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